Hey dentists, people think you’re hot

Handsome Dentist

Buzzing drills and tooth extraction threats aside, dentists still seem to get people hot and bothered. Though it was not deemed the most attractive profession, dentistry made the top 10 in the U.K., according to new survey results from shopping tool ThreadSpy.

Dentists took eighth spot for the most attractive profession for women, while this career was ranked ninth for men, according to survey results.

To gauge the allure of certain professions, surveys were sent to Brits. Of the 1,999 respondents, 1,120 were women and 879 were men. They were asked which professions were the most attractive for men and women, what uniforms were the most appealing, and what made them so interesting.

Both men and women reported that firefighters were the hottest profession for men. However, about 25% of women were more likely than men (20%) to rank firefighters as the most attractive career. About 18% of respondents ranked pilots as the hottest profession for men followed by doctors, who were supported by nearly 13% of respondents. About 2% voted dentists as the most attractive job for men, edging out office workers ranked in 10th place, according to the survey.

Other careers for men that made the list were police officers, military, tradesman, personal trainer, and legal.

Approximately 19% of respondents reported that flight attendant was the most attractive career for women. Both men and women ranked this at No. 1. The profession of nurse came in second (15%) followed by secretary (10%). Nearly 3% of respondents ranked dentist as the hottest position for women, coming ahead of office workers and nannies, according to the survey.

Other careers in the top 10 included personal trainer, legal, teacher, and librarian. However, when it came to the uniforms these professions wear, people did not love dentists’ outfits. For both men and women, dentists came in 10th place, according to the results. The top three reasons influencing why a uniform was deemed attractive were confidence, a polished appearance, and authority of the job.

Nevertheless, dentists probably shouldn’t take any of this too seriously. Though nearly 23% reported not being sure if a person’s career title would influence their interest in prospective partners, about 48% said it wouldn’t affect their attractiveness to them, according to the findings. 

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