These states want to blow off vaping, dental health concerns persist

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Mississippi has emerged as the leading state in the U.S. committed to kicking the vaping habit and the most concerned about its health risks, according to research conducted by nicotine pouch advocates at Snusboss.

Following behind, Arkansas scored the second highest, with Kentucky in third place. These rankings, based on Google search volume data analysis, offer insights into the average levels of interest among states regarding efforts to quit vaping, according to the report.

"The findings reveal that people want to inform themselves about the side effects of vaping, such as popcorn lungs, to learn more about the harms of this activity and potentially shift to vaping alternatives or quit altogether," the report states.  

The top 20 states received final scores out of a total of 100, which were calculated by averaging their interest levels in search terms such as "quit vaping," "stop vaping,"' "popcorn lungs," and "vaping side effects."

Mississippi received a final score of 81, with interest shown in search terms such as "vaping side effects" (100), "quit vaping" (92), and "stop vaping" (86). Arkansas followed in second place with a score of 76.75, reflecting engagement in searches for "stop vaping" (92), "quit vaping" (73), and "popcorn lung" (78), according to the report.

However, despite this proactive stance, these two states ranked the worst for dental health, raising concerns regarding the potential link between vaping, overall health risks, and oral health implications.

Also showing strong interest in quitting vaping, Kentucky landed in third place with a final score of 75.25. The bottom three of the 20 states ranked were Nebraska with a final score of 56.25, Iowa (56), and Utah (55.5), according to Snusboss.

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