Ga. floats giving tax credits to rural dentists

Dentist Exam Woman

Georgia has proposed a bill that, if signed into law, would give tax breaks of up to $5,000 to dentists and other healthcare professionals who practice in a rural county.

House Bill 82, which has bipartisan support and was reintroduced in January because the clock ran out on the proposed legislation in 2023, now is before the Georgia Senate Finance Committee. It must pass in the state House and Senate and be signed into law.

The bill calls for a state income tax credit of up to $5,000 to doctors, dentists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who choose to practice in a rural county, which is defined as a population of 65 people per square mile. The tax credit may be claimed for up to five years, according to the bill.

Healthcare professionals who have practiced in designated rural areas since July 1, 1995, or earlier will not be eligible for the tax credit. 

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