New foundation helps those with TMJ, facial palsy

The Foundation for Facial Recovery has officially launched after receiving tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The foundation will provide educational programs and conduct research to help those with facial palsy and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) conditions.

"The National Institutes of Health estimates that more than 35 million Americans are afflicted with TMJ disorders, and many of them don't know it because their symptoms are unusual and the disorder is not identified, so they are not treated correctly when they seek medical care," stated Ancelmo Lopes, chairman of the board of the Foundation in a press release. "We believe there needs to be more dedicated research on effective treatments and broader dissemination of useful information and education to make a difference. That's what the Foundation for Facial Recovery is all about."

The foundation's mission includes the following:

  • Provide a way for patients, practitioners, and researchers to exchange ideas and experiences with facial palsy, TMJ disorder treatments, and related subjects.
  • Conduct research on a facial palsy and TMJ disorder treatments.
  • Educate providers, patients, and the public about facial palsy and TMJ disorders.

To learn more or to become involved with the foundation, please visit

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