Winter 2019 new-product roundup

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Between the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting in February and the International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany, in March, a number of companies have released new products. offers this roundup of new products from companies such as Planmeca, Dental Herb, Formlabs, and more.


Formlabs offers new denture shade options, model materials

Formlabs has increased its spectrum of denture shade options.

The company's Digital Dentures now come with two color base options and a range of four tooth shades.

Formlabs also announced improvements to its Dental Model materials, which are used to create models and clear aligners. The materials can now be printed at 140-micron settings, enabling one arch to be printed in less than 45 minutes and seven arches in less than four hours.

Imaging systems

3DISC offers scanner updates

The Heron IOS scanner. Image courtesy of 3DISC.The Heron IOS scanner. Image courtesy of 3DISC.

3DISC has launched an upgrade to its Heron IOS scanner.

The upgraded scanner delivers improvements in providing margin line detail and accuracy. The device can also determine if and where data are missing during a scan, guiding the practitioner visually to complete the scan, according to 3DISC.

A new camera feature also is available that captures images during scanning, giving a clear thumbnail preview. Images are saved automatically in multiple formats.

Image Navigation debuts image-guided implant system

Image Navigation has launched an image-guided implant system.

The system extends the use of cone-beam CT scanners to include intrasurgical navigation. It allows for real-time tracking with no onscreen lag. The robotic autostop feature instantly turns off the drill if it is placed outside of the planned surgical area, according to Image Navigation.

Planmeca laumches new intraoral scanner

Planmeca has introduced its new Planmeca Emerald S intraoral scanner.

The scanner is an enhanced version of the Planmeca Emerald scanner. The new scanner scans twice as fast as the previous model but retains the compact size and autoclavable antifog scanning tips, according to Planmeca. The scanner also has a new transillumination tip and tooth shade assistant.

In addition, Planmeca Emerald has a new scanning algorithm that automatically eliminates unwanted data. The open architecture allows users to easily share their scans with colleagues and outside specialists.

The Planmeca Emerald S scanner. Image courtesy of Planmeca.The Planmeca Emerald S scanner. Image courtesy of Planmeca.

Infection control

Planmeca debuts water treatment system

Planmeca has introduced an integrated water treatment system for dental units.

The Planmeca ActiveAqua water treatment system is an integrated water treatment system that uses electrochemical activation technology. This technology converts the salt in water into hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite in an electrolysis chamber for an effective disinfection process, according to Planmeca.

The system includes water softener and particle filters to prevent limescale formation.

Invisible aligners

Align Technology launches treatment visualization tool

Align Technology has debuted an online tool to help patients see what their smile would look like after they complete treatment with its invisible aligner.

The SmileView Online Tool for Invisalign Treatment Simulation is designed to drive awareness and demand for teeth straightening by engaging consumers and allowing them to see a simulation of what their new smile could look like. Using an algorithm, the automated system leverages a database of tooth movements from more than 6 million Invisalign cases to provide a simulation of the person's dentition and projected outcome, according to Align Technology.

The online tool then directs users who wish a consultation to the nearest doctors in their area via Find a Doctor tool.

The ProScanner 2.0. Image courtesy of Planmeca.The ProScanner 2.0. Image courtesy of Planmeca.

Plameca to launch imaging plate scanner

Planmeca has announced the upcoming launch of its new imaging plate scanner.

The Planmeca ProScanner 2.0 is a compact scanner that uses radiofrequency identification (RFID) technology for scanning and identification. The smart imaging plates come with an integrated eraser that prepares them for further use, so the plates can be used numerous times, according to Planmeca. The plates are available in three common sizes.

The scanner will be available later in 2019.

Periodontal products

Dental Herb has released a new oral care gel.

The PerioSpot gel is a targeted approach to gum therapy. The sticky gel can be placed directly on the site to reduce gum inflammation and provides antimicrobial protection. The product is indicated for both in-office or at-home care, according to Dental Herb.

PerioSpot gel. Image courtesy of Dental Herb.PerioSpot gel. Image courtesy of Dental Herb.


Planmeca debuts software for group practices

Planmeca has created new software specifically designed for group dental practices, hospitals, and universities.

The Planmeca Romexis Dental PACS software can archive images and includes treatment planning capabilities. The software allows the viewing of 2D, 3D, stereolithography (STL) images and also offers full-treatment planning capabilities, according to Planmeca.

3Shape debuts updated apps

3Shape has introduced updated versions of some of its most popular apps.

The Clear Aligner Studio app is an all-in-one software for clear-aligner analysis, setup, and staging and production preparation.

The Trios Design Studio is an in-house, same-day restorative software. The new version introduces AI Crown technology, which proposes a restorative design for the user. This shortens the time to the production step and can make workflows more efficient. All designs are easily editable.

The 3Shape Implant Studio 2019.1 enables practitioners to design and produce a restoration. This enables practices to offer same-day implant dentistry to their patients.

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