Dr. Ryan Molis on the 'Zoom boom' of cosmetic dentistry

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Our world has changed so much since mid-March when COVID-19 became a part of our daily lives.

Two of the biggest changes we, as a society, have seen involve our faces. We are now wearing masks in public in many parts of the U.S., which, from a dental perspective, can conceal our smiles and any potential cosmetic dental problems that your patients might have. There's also the flip side of the coin with technology that has become front and center in many of our lives.

That technology is Zoom teleconferencing, where (if our cameras are on) we are showcasing our smile for the world to see. There is no mask to hide any issues with teeth at that point.

Ryan Molis, DDS.Ryan Molis, DDS.

With more people using Zoom, Ryan Molis, DDS, one of the country's top Invisalign providers, believes there is an opportunity for dentists.

"Everyone is on Zoom, right? Everyone is looking at themselves and each other a little bit closer now," Dr. Molis explained. "I think about it like guys who are trying to stay in shape. They're wearing shirts 98% of the time. But when they take that shirt off in public, they're going to start thinking about running or working out more.

"It's the same thing with a smile, I think. And obviously I think a smile is very, very important. When people have on a mask, they're not as worried about their smile. When they're on Zoom, suddenly they're seeing themselves and the issues really jump out. I absolutely think there's a Zoom effect happening right now with our dental patients."

That's part of the reason why he believes the Invisalign portion of his practice is continuing to be strong, and he also has very few hygiene appointments left on his schedule for the rest of the year.

"In my practice right now, I'm blessed to have just three openings for cleanings for the rest of 2020," Dr. Molis said. "I also believe having options in your practice, like Invisalign, to help your smile is important.

"Look, I can give the best root canal, but no one is going to be talking to their friends about what a great root canal they had at my practice. They are, however, taking out their Invisalign when they go out with friends and putting it in its case. It's almost like a badge of honor and I have seen how it gets patients talking with others about their experiences."

What are you seeing in your practice? There is a lot of discussion out there right now about big holes in schedules in October. Is that what you're seeing? Are you talking to your patients about whether they're happy with how they look on Zoom? Some things to think about as our world keeps evolving in terms of technology and answers to COVID-19.

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