Carestream Dental, SprintRay offer integration for aligners

2020 03 20 17 01 7216 Carestream Dental 400

The SprintRay Pro printer is now available for use with Carestream Dental's CS Model+ v5 modeling software, so dentists can add in-house clear aligners as a treatment option for their patients.

Using a scan captured by a CS 3600 or CS 3700 intraoral scanner, CS Model+ v5 helps dentists plan and design aligner cases. They can import the aligner models into the SprintRay nesting software, RayWare, where artificial intelligence-driven printability ensures proper orientation before printing. The print job is sent to the SprintRay Pro 3D printer, where eight models can be fabricated in less than 30 minutes, Carestream said.

With the SprintRay Pro Wash/Dry and Pro Cure postprocessing units, the models can be ready for thermoforming in less than an hour with minimal user interaction, the company said.

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