Invention eases pain for patients getting braces

A dentist from Texas A&M has invented a device that decreases pain for patients getting braces by locating the precise insertion spot for the miniscrews, according to a story in the Battalion, a student publication at the university.

The Miniscrew Implant Placement Kit was created by Roberto Carrillo, D.D.S., of the A&M System's Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas. It is one of numerous ongoing projects from the A&M System's Office of Technology Commercialization, according to a university press release.

The kit was developed in response to the difficulty orthodontists have historically had in finding a method for inserting miniscrew implants without touching the roots of the teeth.

"Many orthodontists have already tried this device and love it. It presents a good opportunity for commercial application," Page Heller, senior licensing manager for the A&M System, said in the press release.

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