Dentist sued after boy swallows dental part

A Houston dentist is being sued by the parents of a young boy who claim that the child swallowed a piece of dental equipment during a dental exam, according to a story on, which is owned by the Houston Chronicle.

Juhlia Nelson and Shayne Nelson, residents of Galveston County, TX, filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against Houston dentist Gloria Phillips, D.D.S., on September 30. An associate of Dr. Phillips "was performing a procedure on our son Kayne Nelson when the equipment he was using failed and our son swallowed a portion of the instrument," according to the lawsuit.

The parents' attorney, Daniel Sanders of Houston, told that the instrument passed through the boy's system. Though physically he is OK, "he's now fearful of going to the dentist," said Sanders.

Sanders confirmed that the boy's parents and Dr. Phillips are discussing a settlement.

The parents are seeking damages they are entitled to by the court.

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