6-year-old gets bone infection after dentist visit

A Scottish girl was hospitalized with a bone infection after a visit to the dentist, according to an article in the Daily Record. Doctors believe that 6-year-old Cameron McGlashan obtained the infection during a procedure to remove two teeth.

Subsequently, Cameron told her mother that she had a sore elbow. During three separate visits to the hospital, one of which required a weeklong stay, she received blood tests and scans until a doctor noticed an abscess on her elbow. The cause was osteomyelitis, a bone infection that is difficult to detect.

Cameron underwent a three-hour operation to save her arm at Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital in Aberdeen, Scotland. Now 8, she has made a full recovery, and her mother is preparing for a 250-mile bike ride from Vietnam to Cambodia next month to raise money for a charity supporting the hospital.

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