What the tooth fairy gives to a kid of a Kardashian

True Thompson, the 5-year-old daughter of Khloe Kardashian and National Basketball Association (NBA) player Tristan Thompson, received a rather humble gift from tooth fairy after losing her third baby tooth.

On November 5, Kardashian shared a video titled “Tooth Fairy Chronicles” on Instagram that showed her daughter explaining how she lost her latest tooth while eating chicken. After giving a few more details, the little girl hilariously ended her video with “And now … the tooth fairy!”

The post went viral and left people wanting to know what the tooth fairy left her.

“The tooth fairy brought her a note from the tooth fairy herself covered in a slime activity kit and 23 dollars. She lost 3 teeth so far so that's why $23.” Kardashian responded in the comments to her post.

Shocked by the modest gift, another one of Kardashian’s followers wrote, “You tell that tooth fairy you want diamonds! She can afford it round those parts ….”

The reality star quipped, “I wonder if I can ask the tooth fairy for that for myself. Jk (Just kidding) but this tooth fairy is a practical one.”

Check out the video of True below.

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