Superhygienists a step closer

The advanced dental hygiene practitioner (ADHP) legislation, gained more ground as it passed the Minnesota Senate finance subcommittee on March 13.

An amendment to the bill offers some changes from the original version, including a requirement that ADHPs work on site with a dentist during their first years of practice while performing extractions, reports ADA news.

The ADA and Minnesota Dental Association oppose the bill and will continue to do so as long as it includes unsupervised surgical procedures.

"The ADA is providing significant lobbying and public relations assistance to the Minnesota Dental Association via our State Public Affairs program. These efforts include public relations assistance, increased lobbying capacity and coordination of member communications," said ADA President Mark Feldman in an ADA news articles. "Rest assured that all is not lost and there are a number of activities being undertaken that cannot be reported on at this time."

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