Violight toothbrush sanitizers now sold through dental offices

Violight, manufacturers of the Vio 100 and Vio 200 ultraviolet light toothbrush sanitizers, is offering a Dental Professional Distribution Program that enables authorized dental offices to provide their patients with the company's products, the company announced.

The program offers a retail model for dentists who prefer to stock and dispense products within the practice, and a referral program for those who would rather have the commerce handled by Violight. Participating dental practices will receive an in-office marketing kit, including a Violight product display, patient brochures, and poster, according to the company.

Two Violight models are currently available through the program:

  • The Vio 100, a counter unit display designed to hold up to four toothbrushes (including electric toothbrushes) that uses germicidal ultraviolet light to physically destroy the DNA of microorganisms, eliminating 99.9% of germs and bacteria on a toothbrush within 10 minutes (American Journal of Dentistry, October 2008, Vol. 21, pp. 313-317).

  • The Vio 200, a personal/travel toothbrush sanitizer that uses the same germ-eliminating ultraviolet technology but in a sleek, "go-anywhere" package. The light is activated as soon as the lid is closed, sanitizing the toothbrush in six minutes.

"Violight is not just for those abnormally concerned with germs; several studies have proven that toothbrushes are breeding grounds for bacteria and can be responsible for spreading sickness among families," said company founder Joel Pinsky in a press release. "Dentists and hygienists can put themselves at the forefront of infection control while providing their patients with an affordable and effective means of disease prevention."

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