GSK acquires NovaMin for $135 million

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has acquired NovaMin Technologies, makers of a calcium phosphate oral product ingredient, for 87 million pounds ($135 million as of December 2009), the company announced.

The deal suggests that GlaxoSmithKline, one of the word's largest pharmaceutical companies, sees a bright future in calcium phosphate products, which have been marketed as a way of reducing dentin sensitivity and remineralizing enamel.

According to an article in the Gainesville Sun, NovaMin, founded in 2003, struggled to gain credibility for its product until competitors, such as Recaldent (marketed in the U.S. as MI Paste by GC America) entered the scene, convincing oral health companies that the products were viable.

NovaMin can be found in 13 products worldwide, including Nupro (Dentsply Professional), according to the company website.

GSK did not announce the purchase when it was concluded at the end of 2009, only announcing the news through its annual report, and it has said little about how it intends to use NovaMin, according to the Sun.

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