Hu-Friedy debuts instrument sharpening products, service

Hu-Friedy is now offering the Total Sharpening Solution, a line of dental instrument sharpening options that includes an in-house professional sharpening service, a portable sharpening device, more than 20 types of natural quarried or hard synthetic stones, and support and educational sharpening resources.

Because clinicians have unique sharpening needs and preferences, Hu-Friedy has a solution for each of their sharpening styles, the company said in a press release. For the classic sharpening style, Hu-Friedy offers an array of stones. The latest addition to this line is the Dual Grit Sharpening Stone, which features a coarse side for reshaping and reconditioning plus a fine side for honing and finishing.

For clinicians who prefer a more contemporary style of sharpening, Hu-Friedy's Sidekick Sharpener is a lightweight, cordless sharpening device that "chatters," the company said, alerting the user to readjust the position of the instrument if it has moved from the guide channel.

Other practitioners prefer a hassle-free solution, by choosing to send their instruments to a sharpening service. Hu-Friedy's Professional Sharpening Service offers more than three decades of experience in instrument finishing and sharpening, with artisans who recreate cutting blades daily.

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