Ohio lawmaker asks federal officials to tour VA clinic

U.S. Rep. Mike Turner (R-Centerville) has formally invited Veteran Affairs (VA) Secretary Eric Shinseki to visit the Dayton VA Medical Center in Ohio in a letter his office issued on March 9, the Dayton Daily News reported.

"Visiting the Dayton VA Medical Center Dental Clinic will go a long way to reassure the community that the VA is committed to providing the highest quality of care and will do everything within its power to resolve this issue," Turner wrote. "Delivering this message in person will help restore the community's faith in the VA health system and its leadership."

Turner also reiterated his request for copies of the reports regarding the VA's investigation of the center. Thus far he has not received them, the article noted.

The Dayton VA clinic has received scrutiny after a dentist there, now retired, failed to regularly follow basic hygiene practices over an 18-year period. Hepatitis B or hepatitis C was spread to at least nine veterans as a result.

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