Rowpar relaunches noncorrosive waterline cleaner

Rowpar Pharmaceutical's MicroClear dental unit waterline cleaner is being relaunched after having acquired newly required Environmental Protection Agency registration in all states except California, which is pending, according to the company.

MicroClear's proprietary chlorine dioxide formulation has been shown to be effective in reducing bacterial concentrations below the ADA's recommended levels, Rowpar noted.

"The MicroClear waterline cleaner has undergone an almost complete overhaul since its original introduction in 2003," said Andy Gritti, executive vice president of Rowpar. "The same great formulation is still there, but upon thorough review by the marketing and production teams the product has made some noteworthy changes, including an easier to use and store packaging that created price savings we are passing along to our dental office customers."

MicroClear is nonstaining, noncorrosive, and pH-balanced; does not affect bond strength; and will not harm lines or damage equipment even with continued use, according to Rowpar. It is nontoxic and designed to remain in the waterlines overnight without the need to air or water purge at the end of the day. MicroClear does not require mixing and comes with a calibrated pump to reduce waste and save time, the company noted.

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