CDA explores xerostomia in Sept. journal

The September issue of the Journal of the California Dental Association takes an in-depth look at xerostomia (dry mouth), from preventive measures and management to the complications associated with head and neck cancer therapy.

This month's Journal expands on the need to identify xerostomia and salivary gland hypofunction at an early stage and the need for patients to be educated about the complications of salivary gland hypofunction, according to the CDA.

"Early detection of salivary gland disorders is important," stated Kerry Carney, DDS, editor-in-chief of the Journal, in a press release. "This issue looks at the role of saliva in health and disease in an effort to promote health, prevent oral disease, and minimize the need for surgical interventions."

Other articles include "A Current Perspective on Sjögren's Syndrome" and "Salivary Gland Imaging."

"We're discussing through this publication the imaging modalities available for assessment of the major salivary glands, their indications, and limitations," Dr. Carney said. "Our patients will benefit from the knowledge gained by exploring these topics."

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