New toothbrush reaches below the gum line

2011 10 18 10 34 01 927 Gumsaver Toothbrush

A new toothbrush developed by a husband and wife dental team in the U.K. features a unique design that they say could revolutionize the treatment of periodontal disease.

The Gumsaver toothbrush removes bacteria, food debris, and plaque by brushing the tooth below the gum line, thus helping to prevent infection and decay, according to a story on The toothbrush enables users to employ a unique brushing action by utilizing two sets of molded microfilaments, angled for optimum brushing efficiency, gentleness, and comfort.

The Gumsaver toothbrush.The Gumsaver toothbrush.
The Gumsaver toothbrush.

It was developed by Rima Hassan, BDS, and Hani Mostafa, BDS, partners in the Gallery Dentist in Leamington, with the commercial design from Dolton & Dex, an industrial design firm.

The product will be available "soon," according to Dr. Hassan and Dr. Mostafa.

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