Dos and don'ts for hygiene production: Reinvent your hygiene department

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It is time for re-evaluation and restructuring of the hygiene department. A high percentage of the adult population has some form of periodontal disease. Therefore, the need for a strong hygiene program in your office is important. In addition, an ongoing upgrade of maintenance recording, documentation, and patient communication skills will be needed to maintain a high standard of care.


Understand the duties of an effective hygienist:

  • Communication of dental and hygiene treatment plans
  • Hygiene education
  • Gathering diagnostic data
  • Documenting existing conditions
  • Periodontal treatment planning
  • Monitoring of ongoing periodontal treatment


Don't sabotage the hygiene appointment. Hygienists should never allow any team member to refer to a "cleaning." Patients need no encouragement in this area. Too often, patients break appointments because they feel it's just a cleaning. Defeat this mentality through careful patient education, which helps patients accept more responsibility for their dental needs.

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