Sunstar redesigns Proxabrush Go-Betweens

Sunstar GUM has introduced a new size of Proxabrush Go-Betweens cleaners called Ultra Tight.

The new Proxabrush is designed for healthier patients with tighter contacts. Improvements include the following:

  • Greater plaque removal: The redesigned Proxabrush interdental brushes have been constructed to remove up to 25% more plaque with new triangular bristles. It stays clean between uses through an antibacterial agent that has been incorporated into the bristles. The central wire of each brush is coated for added comfort and to help prevent galvanic shock.

  • Flexible handle: The flexible handle has been ergonomically designed for better comfort, control, and grip. It also has a bendable neck and longer length to clean posterior teeth.

Sunstar will be applying the new design elements to each of the existing Proxabrush Go-Betweens cleaners, the company noted.

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