Dos and don'ts for promoting oral health

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Become your patients' source for dental products

In your role as expert advisor to patients on the subject of oral health, you can help them tremendously by providing excellent dental products. This works better than merely recommending products because (a) many patients will not follow through on your advice and (b) they will think of your practice's helpfulness every time they use the products.


Make low-cost arrangements with suppliers. Most manufacturers will offer a professional rate to your practice, enabling you to offer products at lower prices than from retailers. Patients will also appreciate the convenience of getting recommended products right at your office.


Don't think of this as a way to generate income (although it will). This strategy is primarily an extension of your commitment to educating patients about home oral healthcare. It enhances your value and builds the relationship -- both of which will reward your practice in increased production over the long term. You may earn modest income from the sale of dental products, but the trust you earn has much greater value.

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