Dentist publishes book detailing halitosis cure

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Richard A. Miller, DDS, author and director of the National Breath Center, has published a new book on halitosis management.

Beating Bad Breath: The Cure!Beating Bad Breath: The Cure!
Beating Bad Breath: The Cure!

Beating Bad Breath: The Cure! details a halitosis cure, one that Dr. Miller guarantees with treatment at the National Breath Center in Falls Church, VA. The cure is not dependent on mouthwash or toothpaste, and does not need gums or mints to alleviate odors. His Total Cure method has a 99% success rate, the author noted.

The book includes such topics as why current treatment does not work; myths about halitosis; what causes bad breath; the social dilemma; the professional total cure; and the beating bad breath protocol, clinically tested at the National Breath Center to be a proven at-home technique to successfully manage breath malodor and when professional treatment is not possible.

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