New oral care line for babies comes to market

A new line of oral care products for babies, Happy Teeth, has been introduced. These products contain no abrasives, artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors, and include xylitol.

Founded by Kasey Pitillo, a mom and dental care industry professional, the Happy Teeth products currently include a natural nonfluoridated baby toothpaste ($5.99), Pure Baby toothbrush by Radius ($3.25), and a complete pack with toothbrush and toothpaste ($8.99). Additional products will be launched in early 2014, including Happy Teeth Tiny Tooth and Gum Wipes.

The company's website,, features a free resource center for new parents and caregivers to learn ways to prevent decay. Some of the interactive tools include the "How to Make Tiny Teeth Happy Teeth" e-book, educational videos, and a downloadable sing-along song and music video that the entire family can play together while brushing.

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