Kaiser faces protests after cutting periodontal hygienist program

Kaiser Permanente is facing opposition in Oregon following its decision to eliminate the periodontal hygienist classification from its union contract, according to a news story in the Lund Report.

Last week 70 protesters showed up at the company headquarters in Northeast Portland.

The move, which went into effect on October 31, impacts 17 of Kaiser's 125 hygienists who have specialized in periodontal care but are now classified as general hygienists, according to the story. They will see a pay cut, and patients with chronic periodontal disease may not be scheduled with the hygienist they saw previously.

The Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals, which represents Kaiser's dental hygienists, opposed the move when it was initially proposed. Organizer Jeff Carr said that Kaiser violated its contract with the union by not consulting with them before the decision, according to the story.

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