Review confirms triclosan/copolymer effectiveness

A research review performed by the Cochrane Collaboration has found that toothpaste containing triclosan/copolymer is effective in reducing plaque, gingivitis, bleeding gums, and tooth decay.

Cochrane Review's Oral Health Group evaluated 30 studies involving nearly 15,000 patients from 1990 to 2012, and compared fluoride toothpastes containing triclosan/copolymer with traditional fluoride toothpastes for the long-term control of caries, plaque, and gingivitis in both children and adults.

Entitled "Triclosan/copolymer containing toothpastes for oral health," the study by the Cochrane Oral Health Group looked at studies involving more than 14,800 participants who were randomized to receive either a triclosan/copolymer-containing fluoride toothpaste or a traditional fluoride toothpaste that did not contain triclosan/copolymer.

The review reported a 22% reduction in plaque, a 22% reduction in gingivitis, a 48% reduction in bleeding gums, and a 5% reduction in tooth decay in the patients who used fluoride toothpastes containing triclosan/copolymer compared with fluoride toothpastes without the ingredient. There was insufficient evidence to show a difference between either toothpaste in preventing periodontitis and no evidence of any harmful effects associated with the use of triclosan/copolymer toothpastes in studies up to three years in length, the study authors noted.

The results were touted by Colgate-Palmolive at last month's Chicago Dental Society meeting. ColgateTotal toothpaste contains triclosan/copolymer.

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