CBD may have surprising effect on periodontitis

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Cannabidiol (CBD), the nonpsychoactive compound in cannabis, may inhibit the growth of the periodontitis pathogen Porphyromonas gingivalis (P. gingivalis). The new research will be presented at the International Association for Dental Research General Session & Exhibition.

Additionally, CBD may slow some of the virulence factors of the gum disease pathogen, according to a research poster that will be presented by L. Jack J. Windsor, PhD, a professor at Indiana University School of Dentistry, at the meeting, which is being held March 13-16 in New Orleans.

“CBD can inhibit P. gingivalis growth at a concentration in the microgram range and can also inhibit some of its virulence factors,” Windsor wrote.

The Gram-negative anaerobe P. gingivalis exhibits many factors that contribute, directly or indirectly, to tissue destruction. This included the production of proteases gingipains Rgp and Kgp, which are virulence factors and contribute to the destruction of oral tissues, and hemagglutination, which is a method to quantify bacteria.

To explore the antibacterial efficacy, the planktonic and biofilm growth of P. gingivalis was evaluated with different concentrations of CBD. Additionally, the effects of CBD on the hemagglutination activity of P. gingivalis were evaluated, and the effect of cannabidiol nonspecific and specific proteolytic activities were assayed.

CBD concentrations ≥ 0.47 μg/mL significantly inhibited P. gingivalis biofilm growth (p value < 0.003). Furthermore, the minimum bactericidal concentration of CBD was 3.75 μg/mL.

Furthermore, CBD reduced hemagglutination activities at subminimum inhibitory concentration. Overall proteolytic activity was slightly inhibited by cannabidiol. Concentrations of CBD ≥ 0.63 µg/mL showed inhibitory effects on lysine-specific gingipain, according to the research.

“CBD has antibacterial effects against P. gingivalis and can inhibit some of the virulence factors related to the ability of host tissue invasion,” Windsor wrote. 

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