Smile Design Insider: Size may matter when it comes to dental post survival

Melissa Busch.
Melissa Busch.

Dear Smile Design Insider,

Looking your best, including having the best and brightest smile, is probably never more important than today, Valentine’s Day. To ensure you know all there is to know about perfecting smiles, DrBicuspid is bringing you the latest smile design news in this Insider.

From restorations to dentures to DIY dentistry, this Insider focuses on it all.

In our latest story about restorations, a new study published in the Journal of Dentistry revealed the proper dental post space preparation length to increase the probability of its survival. This study not only had a large sample size but long follow-up periods. You can read more in our exclusive Insider.

In 2024, two new biomaterials developed by a researcher at the University of Colorado Anschutz School of Dental Medicine will result in stronger, longer-lasting dentures that are cheaper to make and are antimicrobial.

In cosmetics, a teenager shared on TikTok her DIY beauty tip, which included using a tool better suited for nails than teeth, to get the smile she always wanted. But the real news may be that others admitted to doing the same thing after viewing the now-viral video.

Finally, we can’t forget about this first in sports dentistry. Instrumented mouthguard technology that offers in-game alerts that players need an assessment for a possible head injury was introduced at the 2024 Guinness Six Nations rugby tournament that kicked off in Scotland.

Thanks, and we hope these stories made you smile.

Melissa Busch
Associate Editor

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