Heraeus Kulzer launches Pala digital denture system

Heraeus Kulzer has launched the Pala digital denture system. The technology uses CAD and 3D software to model dentures for a good fit and good aesthetics that practices can deliver to their patients two times faster than conventional systems, according to the company.

The system allows dentists to capture the final impression, bite, vertical dimension, and centric relation in a single patient visit, compared with three visits with conventional systems. Once the lab receives the impression, it is scanned and forwarded to Heraeus Kulzer, which creates 3D renderings and crafts the final denture. The lab examines the denture and sends it to the dentist, who places it with the patient.

The system's 3D renderings serve as a permanent digital record, which can be used to create duplicate dentures with no chair time involved, the company noted.

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