Forcible repossession of dentures found illegal

As much as you might feel justified, it turns out you must not forcibly repossess the dental work of patients who don't pay their bills. At least, not in Germany.

That was the finding of a municipal court in Neu-Ulm, Germany, according to Reuters news agency. The dentist reportedly rang the doorbell of his deadbeat patient, tied her hands, and removed the teeth for which she owed 700 euros (about $887), Reuters said.

In September, newspapers described the teeth as bridges, but in the Reuters report, the woman appeared toothless in court and commented that the dentist had not only deprived her of her dentures but made her afraid to ever wear dentures again.

The court found the dentist guilty of assault and fined him 6,000 euros (about $7,664).

The dentist apologized for his conduct, and his lawyer explained he'd been under stress at the time he appeared like a vengeful specter, dental tools in hand, at the door of his patient.

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