Unable to find dentist, U.K. man used dead man's dentures

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A man from Preston, England, has been using a deceased person's dentures after being unable to find a dentist from the U.K. National Health Service (NHS), according to a report published August 25 in Metro.

The ordeal started when the dentures of Matt Bonnell, 53, snapped into multiple pieces, Metro reported. Bonnell is entitled to free dental care as a Universal Credit claimant, but he said 20 dental offices refused to treat him due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bonnell shared his ordeal with an elderly couple he met while visiting his mom at the hospital. The couple took pity on him, and when the elderly man died a few days later, his widow donated the dentures to Bonnel. To get them to fit, Bonnell filed the dentures down to size.

An NHS statement acquired by Metro said that dentistry has been "extremely challenged" throughout the pandemic and that dental commissioners across the northwest are working with local dental committees, dental networks, and practices to monitor the safe restoration of services. The organization added that the NHS is working with Bonnell on treatment.

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