Dentsply launches new refinement tips

Dentsply has introduced a new line of access refinement tips, ProUltra SINE tips, which offer clinicians twice the concentration of diamonds than competing brands, according to the company.

The tips, marketed by Dentsply's Tulsa Dental Specialties division, are designed to handle multiple applications using six contra-angled tip configurations, and they feature built-in water ports allowing clinicians to use them wet or dry, according to Dentsply.

The SINE tips are designed to handle multiple applications including the following:

  • Refining and finishing axial walls and line angles
  • Deroofing peripheral dentin and flaring orifices
  • Removing attached and detached pulp stones
  • Chasing receded and calcified canals
  • Troughing for hidden orifices
  • Eliminating internal triangles of dentin
  • Cleaning the pulp chamber post-treatment
  • Eliminating the coronal most aspect of carrier-based obturators
  • Smoothing and finishing various restoratives
  • Removing caries in difficult-to-access areas
  • Disassembling restorative segments and core materials
  • Preparing root defects for repair

All of the SINE tips are 18 mm in working length. They include SINE 1 pointed tip, SINE 2 rounded tip, SINE 3 round ball (0.55 mm), SINE 4 round ball (0.75 mm), SINE 5 football-shaped (0.75 mm x 2.20 mm), and SINE 6 football-shaped (1.10 x 3.20 mm).

SINE tips are available individually as a set (six tips) and a system that includes all six tips and the ProUltra Piezo Booster and handpiece.

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