Kerr launches self-adhering flowable composite

2010 01 04 13 44 55 961 Vertise Flow Intro Kit 300

Kerr Dental has launched its first self-adhering flowable composite, Vertise Flow. The Vertise Flow technology eliminates the need for a separate bonding application step for direct restorations, Kerr said in its announcement.

2010 01 04 13 44 55 961 Vertise Flow Intro Kit 300
Vertise Flow starter kit. Image courtesy of Kerr Dental.

Clinical studies through independent research have validated low microleakage and high bond strengths, the company noted, with bond strengths comparable to other self-etch adhesives.

"GPDM (glycerylphosphate dimethacrylate) is a unique molecular entity containing a phosphate group that bonds to the calcium in the hydroxyapatite and a methacrylate functionality that bonds to the monomers in the resin matrix," said vice president of research and development David Tobia. "Thus, GPDM, with its dual chemical roles, is the glue that affords Vertise Flow its unique properties."

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