Komet releases sonic tips for crown extensions

2010 02 12 14 38 23 103 Komet Sfs Sonic Tips 350

Komet has not released this product pending clearance from the FDA.

Komet USA has introduced two new sonic tips designed for surgical crown extensions to effectively correct a "gummy" smile. Developed in collaboration with Thomas Schwenk and Marcus Striegel of Nuremberg, Germany, the new SFS120.020/030 sonic tips help practitioners perform a minimally invasive, simple operative technique without forming flaps, the company said.

The tips are intended to provide nontraumatic restoration of the biological width within the frame of a surgical crown extension. The end portion is in the shape of a flattened sphere and their outer sides are diamond-coated. The SFS tips are to be used as part of a treatment that uses a direct mock-up/wax-up measuring the biological width and corrections to the gingiva.

The traditional crown lengthening methods, such as using a rotary or hand instruments, have numerous drawbacks including the possibility of injuring soft tissue and the risk of recessions or scars, Komet said. While these treatments can often be traumatic, SFS sonic tips do not cause trauma to the papilla and allows the area to heal quickly without the formation of any scars, the company noted.

SFS sonic tips are designed to be used in Komet's SF1LM sonic handpiece.

2010 02 12 14 38 23 103 Komet Sfs Sonic Tips 350
SFS120.020/030 sonic tips. Image courtesy of Komet USA.

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