3M ESPE launches delivery system for Ketac Nano

2010 05 14 12 18 00 467 Ketac Nano Quick Mix 150

3M ESPE launched a new delivery system for its Ketac Nano glass ionomer system May 14 at the California Dental Association meeting in Anaheim, CA. The new system is faster than hand mixing and introduces fewer air bubbles, according to the company.

The Quick Mix capsule is the first paste-paste nanoionomer in an automixing, unit dose capsule, 3M said.

2010 05 14 12 18 00 467 Ketac Nano Quick Mix 150
The Quick Mix capsule is a new delivery system for the Ketac Nano glass ionomer system.
The Quick Mix allows dental professionals to prepare Ketac Nano in three steps without the need for a tirturator, making the process three times faster than triturated capsules, according to the company.

Each Quick Mix capsule contains a unit dose of Ketac Nano restorative's two pastes. To prepare, dental professionals lift the nozzle on the capsule, insert it into an applier, and slowly syringe the product. The Quick Mix capsule mixes the two pastes inside the tip, and the material can be dispensed directly into the preparation. The need for hand mixing or triturating is eliminated, meaning less mess and cleanup, as well as fewer voids, 3M said. The formula for the restorative remains unchanged.

3M researchers presented data at the American Association for Dental Research in March 2010 comparing powder-liquid triturate and hand-mix systems by GC America and Voco America to the Ketac Nano's powder-powder hand-mix and Quick Mix systems. They found only 0.7% surface void fraction for the Quick Mix, compared to 6.4% for the Ketac Nano hand-mix, and an even higher surface void fraction for its competitors.

In another study, presented at the same meeting, they found that the mechanical and fluoride-releasing properties were equivalent for the Ketac Nano hand-mix and Quick Mix.

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