Osteogenics Biomedical offers new fixation system

Osteogenics Biomedical, manufacturer of Cytoplast barrier membranes and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) sutures, has added a new fixation system, Pro-fix, to its regenerative portfolio.

The Pro-fix system is a single kit designed to supply and store the various fixation screws used in regenerative practices. It features a locking-taper cruciform drive system that allows easy pickup and safe transport of the screw to the surgical site.

The Pro-fix system includes self-drilling membrane fixation screws, self-drilling tenting screws, and self-tapping bone fixation screws, the company said. The self-drilling membrane fixation screws are immediately available for sale.

Osteogenics will first introduce membrane fixation screws, which consist of 3-mm self-drilling titanium alloy screws designed to engage bone without the need for a predrilled pilot hole. Each screw's tip design allows for precise membrane placement, even in cortical bone, according to the company.

Replacement screws and the system's individual components are also available for purchase. Self-drilling tenting screws and self-tapping bone fixation screws will be available this fall.

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