Prodrive gets U.S. patent for bur-lengthening feature

The U.S. Patent Office has awarded Patent No.11/262,959 to ProDrive Systems for its adjustable tool drive arrangement, more commonly referred to as the bur-lengthening feature. The feature allows ProDrive diamond and carbide burs for high-speed handpieces to be extended and locked into position for increased hold and safety.

The 3-mm extension makes procedures in difficult-to-reach places easier and more precise, the company noted.

The patented ProDrive system is a turbine upgrade compatible with several brands of high-speed handpieces, including KaVo, Midwest, Sirona Dental Systems, Star Dental, and W&H. ProDrive turbines work in conjunction with ProDrive diamond and carbide burs, all of which can be lengthened by 3 mm and have double grooves that enable them to be safely locked in place.

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