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Self-etching has become a well-accepted technique among more than half the dentists in North America. Three years ago, the majority of Catapult evaluators were total etchers; today more than half of them use self-etchants in their practice (not necessarily exclusively).

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Catapult reviews are conducted by our team of more than 50 clinicians in the U.S. and Canada. Manufacturers pay a fee to Catapult for their products to be evaluated, and what we deliver are honest, independent answers via surveys developed in conjunction with the manufacturers. Many products have either been altered before hitting the market or simply never arrived because of our evaluations. In this way, Catapult helps manufacturers avoid releasing a potentially faulty product or a product that needs refinement.

Catapult was asked to evaluate Voco America's nano-reinforced, dual-cured, one-step self-etch adhesive in a newly patented single-dose delivery system called Futurabond DC.

According to the manufacturer, Futurabond DC has the following advantages:

  • It takes only 35 seconds from start to finish for application.
  • It comes in unit dose, providing the freshest chemistry (unidose blister-foil system) for each procedure without solvent evaporation.
  • It does not require refrigeration.
  • It is thin; routinely only one coat is required.
  • It works with all lights and self- and dual-cured resins, which allows the product to be used in direct and indirect procedures, including post cementations, crown, and various other indirect procedures.
  • Bond strengths to dentin and enamel have been tested to be more than 30 MPa.

The Catapult evaluators as a whole had high praise for Futurabond DC, and the majority loved the dual-cure capability. Their comments reflect usage with broader indications for cementation of posts and indirect restorations, along with traditional uses for direct bonding.

In addition to versatility, the group rated the handling, reduced curing time, and film thickness -- again, with high praises. The numbers show greater than 80% approval for the above categories if only one evaluator's opinions are removed. This alone represents far greater acceptance among the group than most evaluations.

Voco America's Futurabond DC blister foil pack is easy to use.Voco America's Futurabond DC blister foil pack is easy to use.
Voco America's Futurabond DC blister foil pack is easy to use.

Why the praises? The blister foil pack is easy to use, which is important for our assistants. With a simple squeeze, the two fresh solutions are introduced to each other. With the brush provided by Voco for each foil, the brush punctures the foil containing the two solutions. Simply mix the two solutions and place onto your preparation. After 20 seconds of rubbing, air dry for at least 5 seconds (per the manufacturer -- we recommend an air-only syringe for every bonding procedure) and light cure for 10 seconds. Again -- no refrigeration is required.

With more than 300 restorations performed (direct and indirect), the most significant issue that was commented on regarded the delivery system. While the majority of the evaluators found it simple to use, a few had suggestions for a better foil option. The key is to use the Voco Single Time brush, which is strong enough to puncture easily the foil; other brushes will bend.

Suggestions and comments:

  • Develop a deeper well for more material (although many of the evaluators felt there was plenty of material).
  • Develop a tear-off foil, versus the current puncture method.
  • For some preparations, the dentist may need a narrow microbrush to apply the bonding agent.
  • Loved the simplicity in that one product can do so many procedures!
  • Easy for pediatric patients, and often enough for a quadrant.
Futurabond DC is a nano-reinforced, dual-cured, one-step self-etch adhesive.Futurabond DC is a nano-reinforced, dual-cured, one-step self-etch adhesive.
Futurabond DC is a nano-reinforced, dual-cured, one-step self-etch adhesive.

In addition, 24% of the evaluators rated this product as good as existing self-etch products, and roughly 50% rated it better. Overall, the product received great ratings, and the consensus was that Voco has produced a solid, multidimensional product in the self-etching arena.

The self-etch trend has occurred over the past decade, and long-term studies continue to verify clinical success with select self-etchant systems when correctly applied to certain clinical situations. Indications for use include posterior restorations, deciduous teeth, isolation issues, and postoperative sensitivity, according to the Catapult evaluators.

The group also noted its preference to total etch with anterior restorations and those with large amounts of enamel. In addition, several of the evaluators continue to selectively etch enamel in posterior restorations (hybrid approach to etching) to enhance enamel bond strengths to uncut enamel.

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Lou Graham, DDS, is founder and president of Dental Team Concepts. Mark Latta, DMD, MS, is consultant for technical and scientific affairs for Dental Team Concepts.

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