3M ESPE introduces single-bottle universal adhesive

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3M ESPE is hoping to wow attendees at the ADA's annual session in Las Vegas this week with Scotchbond Universal adhesive, "a new class of adhesive material" that the company says eliminates the need for primer and multiple adhesives.

3M ESPE is so confident in this new single-bottle adhesive for self- and total-etch applications that the company is offering a "no post-op sensitivity"guarantee.

"It offers one simple adhesive application compatible with both self- and total-etch techniques, for both direct and indirect indications," said Beth Eskra, marketing manager at 3M ESPE.

“Currently, there are no other adhesives on the market that offer all these unique benefits.”
— Beth Eskra, 3M ESPE

According to the company, Scotchbond Universal has a 35-second adhesive application time that is consistent in wet or dry environments, allowed by 3M ESPE's Vitrebond copolymer. The adhesive's chemistry optimizes the ratios of Vitrebond, hydroxyethyl methacrylate, and water.

"This allows for rehydration of the collagen network and formation of a distinct hybrid layer whether dentin is kept moist or dry," the company said. "The result is reduced technique sensitivity, consistent bonding, and virtually no post-op sensitivity in both self-etch and total-etch applications."

The adhesive can bond to multiple surfaces, including dentin, enamel, zirconia, noble and nonprecious alloys, and composites without the need for primer, due to the presence of an MDP (10-methacryloyloxydecyl dihydrogen phosphate) monomer.

This also gives the product stability without refrigeration, according to the company. Because it has an ethanol base instead of acetone, it can be stored for up to two years this way.

Applying a separate ceramic polymer is not necessary with Scotchbond Universal because silane enables it to bond chemically to glass ceramic surfaces, 3M ESPE noted. This can reduce the need for office inventory that can expire before it is completely used.

"Currently, there are no other adhesives on the market that offer all these unique benefits," Eskra said.

Direct and indirect indications for Scotchbond Universal adhesive

Scotchbond Universal covers a variety of indications, according to 3M ESPE:

Direct placement

  • Bonding light-cured composite or compomer for all classes of direct restorations
  • Root surface desensitization
  • Sealing of dentin prior to amalgam restorations
  • Protective varnish for glass ionomer restorative materials
  • Repair of composite or compomer restorations
  • Bonding sealants

Indirect placement

  • Bonding veneers with RelyX veneers cement
  • Adhesive/primer for chemical adhesion when bonding zirconia, alumina, metal, or glass ceramic restorations
  • Intraoral repair of existing indirect restorations
  • Bonding self- or dual-cure core buildup material and resin cements (with Scotchbond DCA Dual Cure Activator)
  • Sealing of dentin prior to temporization for indirect restoration placement

3M ESPE is offering a Scotchbond Universal adhesive guarantee to practitioners who register and review proper usage of the product through 3M's customer care line. If the product is properly used, the guarantee covers direct and indirect restorations for patients that experience sensitivity for more than two weeks after the procedure. If sensitivity persists, 3M ESPE will replace the product or offer another that is equal in value at the company's discretion. The guarantee is good for one year after purchase and applies to one unit.

In internal trials of the adhesive, 3M ESPE found that only 0.4% of 3,467 total-etch restorations and 0.06% of 3,495 self-etch restorations reported having post-op sensitivity.

The company has dropped the Adper name and returned to the Scotchbond label. In addition, 3M ESPE developed a new delivery system, which features a flip-top cap and a nozzle designed to control the amount of adhesive dispensed.

Until 2012, Scotchbond Universal adhesive will be available only in the U.S., according to Eskra.

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