Komet offers flash polishers for ceramics

Komet has developed the ZR Flash Polishers, designed for restorations fabricated of zirconium oxide, aluminum oxide, lithium disilicate, and pressed ceramics.

The polishers feature interspersed diamonds that work in two steps, each of which can be identified by the color of the ZR Flash Polishers and the original ZR Polishers: blue for smoothing and prepolishing and light gray for high-shine final polishing.

Available in styles, sizes, and shapes designed specifically for intraoral applications, the ZR Flash Polishers for chairside use include two flame-shaped versions (each available in blue and light gray), as well as a cup configuration (also offered in blue and light-gray versions).

In addition, the original laboratory line of ZR Polishers has been expanded to include a flame-shaped polisher (available in blue and light-gray versions) that conforms to restoration surfaces for optimum aesthetic and functional qualities.

Each polisher features a golden shank to readily distinguish it from other abrasives and polishers.

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