Bisco offers single-bottle universal adhesive

Bisco has introduced All-Bond Universal, a one-bottle adhesive for total-, self-, and selective-etch techniques.

All-Bond Universal offers single-bottle priming and bonding for direct and indirect indications. It can also be used for desensitization/sealing of teeth and intraoral repair, as well as used as a protective varnish for glass-ionomer fillings, according to Bisco. It bonds to all surfaces, including enamel, dentin, metal, zirconia, alumnia, porcelain (silica-based), lithium disilicate, and composite, and was designed to work with light-, self-, and dual-cured composite materials without an additional activator.

All-Bond Universal is available in the two nonrefrigerated packaging configurations: standard kit (includes one 6-mL bottle and Select HV Etch with benzalkonium chloride) and a 6-mL bottle package.

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