Ultradent to unveil 3 restoratives

Ultradent Products will introduce three new cements at the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting this week.

UltraCem resin-reinforced glass ionomer (RRGI), PermaShade LC, and UltraTemp REZ complete Ultradent's line of temporary and permanent cements, according to the company.

UltraCem resin-reinforced glass ionomer is the first liquid-powder RRGI cement to be mixed and delivered in a syringe, according to Ultradent. UltraCem is designed for luting indirect restorations made of metal, porcelain fused to metal, resin to natural teeth, and cementation of orthodontic bands to enamel.

PermaShade LC is a light-cured luting resin used for cementing veneers that offers enduring color stability and low shrinkage, according to the company.

UltraTemp REZ cements temporary crowns, onlays, and small temporary fillings. The cement is strong enough to withstand normal biting and chewing forces but can easily be removed, Ultradent said.

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