Retraction capsule reduces gingival retraction time

3M ESPE is now offering the 3M ESPE Retraction Capsule, the first gingival retraction system that delivers astringent retraction paste using common composite dispensers.

Designed with an extra-fine tip that can be inserted right into the sulcus, the retraction capsule is an alternative to traditional gingival retraction methods such as retraction cord and other retraction pastes, according to the company.

Compared to retraction cords, the system can cut up to half the time from the gingival retraction procedure and is up to 30% faster than the leading retraction paste while effectively deflecting the marginal gingiva and providing long-lasting hemostasis, according to 3M ESPE.

In international field testing with more than 250 dentists, 84% of the participants stated they would recommend the product to their colleagues, the company said.

Retraction capsules are suited for any situation where a temporary retraction of the marginal gingiva and a dry and clean sulcus are required, such as material-based and digital impression taking and preparation of Class II and V fillings.

The new capsules will be available in authorized distribution channels beginning May 1.

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