High Q debuts LED 'soft light'

High Q Dental, a U.S. manufacturer and distributor of surgical lighting systems for dental and medical use, has introduced a twist to its EOS 3-watt LED Headlight: the EOS Soft Light.

The original EOS delivers a bright 6000-degree Kelvin temperature light, some users find this light temperature too "harsh," according to the company. For those who want the intensity, portability, and features of the EOS 3-watt LED Headlight without the stark white light, the Soft Light delivers a 3,200-degree Kelvin spot that many find easier on the eyes.

Weighing in at 11 grams (light, clip, and filter included), the EOS series headlights are available in a variety of clips to accommodate most common loupes and eyewear, as well as two headband options. Power is provided by a lightweight, lithium-ion battery pack that delivers a full day of use and a three-hour charge time. A universal power charger completes the system.

High Q offers a 30-day trial on the EOS System for U.S. orders.

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