NJ dental lab opts not to outsource to China

While almost three-quarters of its competitors outsource work to offshore labs, a New Jersey dental lab has refused an overture to send its work offshore.

On April 7, Demar Dental Labs was approached by a large offshore dental lab in China with an offer they thought no one could refuse, according to Rob Santelli, managing partner of Demar Dental: "Send us your dental crowns, bridges, and implants and we promise the owners will make 30% to 50% more per year in their own pockets."

So why would anyone in these tough economic times say no to an offer that would put more money in their pockets?

"It can't only be about making more and more money," he said in a press release. "If I had said yes, I would have agreed to take work away from America and jobs away from my fellow Americans."

Keeping the lab's work in New Jersey also ensures that the dental prosthesis is 100% bio-compatible, he noted.

"Our dental technicians worked hard over the years and helped to build this business, so how could I in good conscience tell them they no longer had a job because I decided to make a little extra money by sending their job to China?" Santelli said.

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