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A systematic review published last year in the Journal of Dental Research found little evidence to support the use of oxalates for treating dentin hypersensitivity. Now a critical summary by the ADA Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry's review council lends further support to these findings.

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In other Restoratives Community news, another review seeking evidence of asymptomatic third-molar removal's value found none after researchers combed through data in the Cochrane Library.

And click here to read details of a recent New York University study about how family dynamics impact the oral health of children.

In the realm of implants, there was a dustup in Texas when the American Academy of Implant Dentistry sued the state's dental board over advertising restrictions. And DrBicuspid.com interviewed Ronald Bulard, DDS, founder of Imtec and CEO of Park Dental, who discussed the history of mini-implants and the ongoing need for innovation in the implant industry.

New product development was the focus of several recent Restoratives Community features:

  • A line of resins created by a biomedical materials company could boost the toughness of composites while reducing volumetric shrinkage and increasing conversion as well.
  • A new type of restorative material that uses antibacterial properties in conjunction with remineralizing nanotechnology could virtually eliminate recurrent caries.
  • The Isolite system fared well in two surveys of American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry members, who said that it increases productivity and efficiency.

Finally, in business news, Guidance Endodontics sued its former attorneys, who were accused of mishandling the company's lawsuit against Dentsply. Click this link for details.

And the last company making chloral hydrate oral solution has discontinued manufacturing it.

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