Delta Dental tips help seniors maintain oral health

During National Healthy Aging Month this September, Delta Dental is advising older adults that practicing good oral health habits is more important than ever.

Adults age 65 and older are keeping more of their natural teeth longer than previous generations, the company noted. Even so, adults are as likely to experience new tooth decay as children, according to Bill Kohn, DDS, Delta Dental's vice president for dental science and policy. And older adults who take medications that can cause a decrease in saliva should be especially careful.

Studies show that individuals with dental insurance are far less likely to have unmet dental needs than those with insurance, and are also more likely to get regular dental exams, but retirees often neglect to purchase ongoing dental coverage, according to Delta Dental.

Medicare does not provide dental coverage, but individual plans are available for purchase. Seniors can also check to see if membership in any national organizations or associations qualifies them to purchase dental benefits.

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