New StarDental handpiece has plug-and-play feature

DentalEZ Group has announced two new enhancements for its StarDental 430 handpiece line.

The first is a StarBright Plug n' Play LED Swivel; the second is a new member of the 430 handpiece line, the 430 Satin.

The new 430 Satin has the same stainless steel construction that each handpiece in the 430 series provides but with an updated look, according to the company. Dental professionals can now choose from either a high gloss or satin finish when purchasing the 430 handpiece.

The StarBright Plug n' Play LED Swivel is similar to StarDental's original StarBright LED Handpiece Swivel, but is easier to install and operate, according to the company. The device does not require the installation of a voltage regulator within the delivery unit; instead, it has a regulator built directly within the swivel.

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