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Margherita Fontana, DDS, PhD, well known for her pioneering work in caries risk assessment, has launched an ambitious long-term study to create a more effective screening tool for early childhood caries.

As part of our popular Leaders in Dentistry series, DrBicuspid.com spoke with Dr. Fontana to learn more about the project, which earned her a Presidential Early Career Award, and to get her perspective on the Caries Management By Risk Assessment (CAMBRA) movement.

Read more in this latest Insider Exclusive.

In other Restoratives Community news, DrBicuspid served up a healthy dose of coverage in our ShowCast during the recent ADA Annual Session in San Francisco.

In one session, the influential Dr. Gordon Christensen had a lot to say to implant makers about high costs; in another, he opined that class II composites don't last long enough. Learn why here.

3M ESPE also made waves at the meeting when it unveiled its new True Definition digital impression system -- a development that supported one speaker's opinion that technology advances are making digital restorative dentistry more practical than ever.

Also newsworthy was anesthesiology's near miss of becoming an ADA specialty after an ADA House of Delegates vote.

In other anesthesia-related news, German researchers created a new propofol derivative that had intriguing test results in animal models, while another research team compared the effectiveness of two propofol combinations for third-molar extractions and found a disparity in recovery times.

Meanwhile, a study in the Journal of the American Dental Association found the Isolite system and a dental dam used with high-volume evacuation to be effective, with a few subtle differences. And a study in Implant Dentistry examined the correlation between a titanium implant's age and the likelihood of success.

And are new product developments making fluoride varnish more practical for everyday clinical use? Yes, according to this dental hygienist in her Second Opinion piece.

Finally, an extraction gone wrong is the focus of another story, in which a malpractice award cost an oral surgeon and a dentist nearly $10 million.

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