Glidewell offers 50% discount on implant components

Glidewell Laboratories has expanded its Inclusive Certified Laboratory Program to include a stocking inventory of implant components at 50% off.

Under the expanded program, dental laboratories will be able to customize a stocking inventory to support their individual lab's needs and purchase the assortment at half price, according to the company.

Maintaining an implant component inventory allows dental labs that offer implant services to control costs by eliminating unnecessary component shipping fees, the company noted. By using Inclusive brand implant components, which are compatible with implant systems from all of the major implant manufacturers, dental labs can streamline their implant component inventory and avoid the unnecessary costs associated with stocking implant components from multiple third-party manufacturers.

Inclusive Implant Components are uniformly priced across all platforms for predictable lab fees. Labs can choose from three customized packages of implant components that include implant analogs, abutment analogs, titanium abutments (3 mm or 6 mm) and lab screws. Inclusive Implant Components have U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance for compatibility with prosthetic connections from all of the major implant manufacturers.

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